“Nicole has been a bright light on my recently “foggy” path. She is very patient and accepting, yet still pushes and challenges me to think in ways I haven’t before. 

My first meeting with Nicole brought about a big shift in my mood and thoughts. I had been trying MANY self help tactics (books, blogs, videos, prayer, friends and family) for over a year to clearly define what was feeling “off” in my life. I just felt lost. 

Somehow, with just one word (for me it was CONNECTION), I was able to begin the process to finding more clarity, hope, and direction in my life! 

I thoroughly enjoy my time with Nicole and look forward to what other little “treasures” of knowledge she’ll help me uncover and foster next. I feel very lucky and blessed to have found Nicole and believe our paths have crossed for wonderful reasons!”

-Working Mom of 2• MN

“Some of the questions were not easy to answer. But now seeing how everything flows, it all fits together. I initially thought this was going to be about her giving suggestions on how to reach my goals. She helped me dig deep and answer the 'how' to reach my goals. It was me acknowledging what I needed to do to move forward.”

-Working Mother • Midwest

“Having never been to see a Life Coach, I had no idea what to expect…Let me tell you, it’s an amazing experience. Nicole will lead you down a path you had no idea existed. Just talking through your life, your personal goals (she can assist with professional goals as well, however I choose the personal route) Nicole helps bring such true clarity to where you want to be. She will walk you through a process of what is most important to YOU and does so without judgement or opinions. She is so kind and such a good listener, Nicole hears what you are saying sometimes without you even having to say it. She helps you to explore how you can achieve what you want in life by creating a path together based on your timelines and where you want to be. Nicole is a professional with the upmost integrity and work ethic. She will CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better!”

-Mom/Professional • Minneapolis, MN

“Nicole’s Coaching Process exceeded expectations. My goal for one session was not in an area I expected her to have expertise in. Yet her process, her listening, her questions brought me clarity. In another session, she widened my perspective and opened up possibilities that are now coming to fruition”

-Bobby Professional/Dad, 37

“Your coaching changed my mindset and helped me come up with real, tangible steps toward my goal. I left our sessions feeling positive about next steps, hopeful, and empowered....like you helped me figure out what was within me in order to be more and more successful.

-Mom/Professional • Minneapolis, MN

My experiences with Nicole have been nothing but positive. After every session I always felt so positive and motivated and it really fueled me through my week. She's so kind and helpful and she was super easy to be open with. She does challenge you and make you think of things in a way that you never would have before. Nicole really just made me realize the things that I find important and who I want to be in life and the results I've seen since our sessions have been incredibly noticeable. I know I wouldn't be going in the direction I am without her help and I thank her very much for it.

-Young Professional, early 20's  • Minneapolis, MN