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To feed the fear... or fuel the dream

Happy Monday!

To feed the fear… or fuel the dream.. that is the question….

Do you feed your fears or allow them to fuel you?

If you feed your fears by allowing them to hold you back, to tell you why not to take that step, what might you be holding yourself back from?

Your dreams, perhaps?

What if you allowed yourself to be fueled by your fears? What might be on the other side of the fear? What if taking that fearful step, may get you one step closer to your dream?

Do you allow yourself to dream? Or, do you push the dream aside when it tries to surface?

Recently, I felt I was nudging closer to a dream? And fear started creeping in.  The fear was that, what if I explore the possibility of this dream only to find out its over? What if then, the dream is gone? 

And I reminded myself…

If it's a dream placed there by a higher power (for me, that higher power is God)... the dream is safe.  It’s safe.  I may explore it, and I may find that dream was not as expected… but it will then only mean, it’s going to be better, bigger, and more in line with what I want.  Sometimes we don’t know what we want.  Sometimes, we need to trust and take that next step.  And we need to trust, we are safe.  God knows His dream for me better than I do.  I need to remind myself that I trust that.  I need to take that next step, despite the fear.

What can we do to spend more time with our dreams? What can we do to sort out what is a dream vs. merely a distraction that may take us off course? If its a dream, what can we to to give it air to breathe and grow? What nudge can we take to help it along? Where are we letting fear overtake us? How can instead let fear fuel us?

Sweet Dreams Comrades!

As always, I'd love to hear back from you on anything this sparked for you.  And, if there are any certain topics, you'd like me to address, shoot me a note on that as well.  

As always, the most effective way I have experienced to improve areas in life I feel "stuck" in is through coaching.  Reach out if you or anyone you know has an area you'd like to progress in but would like support in identifying or reaching that next step.  

If these emails no longer serve you, just ping me back and request to be removed.  If they are serving you and you think they'd help others, feel free to forward on.  

Thanks for being in my corner.  Make it a great week!


Nicole Harr, Certified Life and Career Coach - CCP, MBA

Helping you find direction, discover your passion, and fulfill your purpose

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