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How Green is Your Grass

Happy Sunday!

We all know the grass isn't always greener elsewhere right? Yet, we still find ourselves focusing our attention on comparison which can lead to envy which can lead to a shadow of darkness.  Our grass needs light to grow; how can we create more sunshine?   

To start, let's catch ourselves when we are focusing our attention "over there" vs. on our own yard.  We can and should look out and around and be inspired by what what we see, but where do we allow our attention to dwell?  Awareness of our attention is key. Catching ourselves and redirecting is essential.

We can start to redirect by first stating what we are feeling or noticing. Say it aloud, write it down or ideally, share with another. In a previous post, I shared that my dear brother suffered from depression.  He kept many of his feelings to himself, locked deep inside.  Getting our feelings out vs keeping them locked in is freeing.  I hope and pray we can all set our thoughts and feelings free by stating and sharing them.  

Once we free our feelings, we can start to address why our attention is dwelling in a place of comparison.  We can refocus our lens on our own space.  We can consider what actions may be needed to nurture, to grow our grass or even expand our yard.  Let the awareness of comparison remind you to make any needed change. 

To be in a position to take action, we need a full watering can.  How can we fuel ourselves so that we can operate from a place of wholeness, of fullness?  We can't water our yard with an empty can.  Let's assess what we need in order to fill our can and also what practice we need to implement so that our can stays full.  

Now, we can start to look at our own yard differently.  What are we noticing? How can we shift how we see it?  How can we appreciate the value our space brings to us?  How can we shift out of comparison and into gratitude? 

In summary: 

1)  Notice what your lens is focused upon. 

2) State your feelings. 

3) Refuel. 

4) Take action. 

5) Practice gratitude.


As always, I'd love to hear back from you on anything this may have sparked.  And if there are any topics, you'd like me to address, let me know.  

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