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Help! (Asking for, Giving & Receiving Help)

Help: It can require courage and vulnerability in the asking; generosity and effort in the giving; and humility and bravery in the receiving.    

And there is connection, grace and uplifting in each of those.  

In my previous email, I mentioned that my brother died nearly 10 years ago.  So many times, I have asked "If only".  There are many "if onlys", but one of them is "If only he had been more able to ask for help".  The help he really needed.  

And it reminds me that it can be hard for each of us to ask for help, in what ever way that may pertain to our lives. It may feel like a sign of weakness (it is not - it is strength).  It may be help with families, help with healing, help with projects or assignments at work,  help with homework.  We may feel stuck or like we are aimlessly wandering and need help getting "unstuck".  We may feel that we are surrounded by blessings and yet still feel like something is off.  We may be reluctant to seek help through a friend, a coworker, prayer, doctors, therapy, counseling or coaching.   If your best friend needed the help you do, would you want them to ask for help? 

I have also come across instances where receiving help is so hard.  There's pride involved: "I don't need help".  There's guilt involved: "I don't want to put them out" or "they have other, more important things than my problem to deal with".   I had my guard up with receiving help recently.  Then, I realized they were offering not just because they thought I needed assistance but also because it was a blessing for them to be able to feel of service, to feel purposeful, to feel needed.  "In the giving, we receive." And conversely, in the receiving, we give.   

Where are you holding back on asking for, giving or receiving help?  What is preventing you from taking those steps?    

Being able to help others though coaching has been one a huge blessing to me.  My brother is one of the many things that fuels and inspires me.    

As always, I'd love to hear back from you on anything this sparked for you.  And, if there are any certain topics, you'd like me to address, shoot me a note on that as well.  

Reach out if you or anyone you know has an area you'd like to progress in but would like coaching support in identifying or reaching that next step.  I offer group or 1:1 coaching.  

Thanks for being in my corner.  Make it a great week!


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