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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

One of the biggest improvements I gained from my coaching certification was building more intention into my life.  Awareness is essential to living a more intentional life.  This past week, I have been even more focused on how my morning routine sets the intention for my day.  

"How you start your morning determines the tone for the rest of the day" The Chopra Center).  Mel Robbins is running a "Mindset Reset" that I am following and the importance of the mornings to the mindset is "yuge".  She talks about how we allow the random inputs (perhaps from our devices) to set our mindset for the day vs. taking control over our mindset with an intentional morning routine.     How are you starting your day? How much power are you giving the random inputs to mold your mindset vs. intentionally setting the tone you want to create? The key ingredients I have found to start my day include: Intention Setting, Gratitude Practice, Meditation, and Movement (such as walk, run or whatever works. Ideally, its in the fresh air). I'll focus here on the first three.   Science and Studies (such as Harvard Medical School) have shown that meditation can reduce stress and improve various aspects of your daily life, including your overall health.  Mediation is an excellent way to start your day.   An attitude of gratitude comes more naturally for some than others.  Putting into practice a daily routine around gratitude will allow it to become more of the default.  An attitude of gratitude also builds resilience as it becomes more and more a part of your practice.  As I shared in a post, when my daughter's wubble ball burst, we really needed to tap into some resilience as we chose our response vs. allowed a reaction to take over.  (Say NO to slime, even when you think it's contained in a wubble... we realize now there was a good reason it was on clearance).   My daily practice (about 15 minutes total) includes the following:  - Write my intention for the day (writing it down gives it more meaning and power).  To determine my intention, I consider: "How do I want to show up today? (How do I need to and want to be)".   This allows me to give consideration to my most important goal(s) for the day.  These could also be written down.   -  Jot down what I am feeling most grateful for, from the day before.  - Meditate.   This is also a great time for me to read my daily spiritual devotional.   Its at that point, we can feel more armed and ready for what comes at us.  And we have tools to fall back on.  We have our intention to remind ourselves what's most important to us as we move through our day.   We aren't mindlessly floating through our day reacting; we are intentionally responding. The more gratitude we feel and practice, the more resilient we become.  The more we meditate, the more we know the importance of breathing as a way to calm ourselves and refocus. On a side note: Let me know of any recommendations you may need on Meditation.  I use "Headspace" and have enjoyed it.  One thing Andy Puddicombe, from Headspace, shares is the importance of "noting" as it relates to awareness.  We tend to get wrapped up in reactions or emotions.  We can increase awareness and catch ourselves reacting.  Then, we can simply "note" it (such as "that was a frustrating interaction"), which allows us to see it more objectively and disconnect from it.  We can then "let that shit go" (tying to a post I shared this past week).  Questions for your consideration:  - How often are you find yourself reacting vs responding?  - How intentional is your daily life?  - How grateful is your mindset?    - How effective is your morning routing in setting the tone for your day?   - What is one step you can take to improve your morning routine? Let me know any changes you make and any results you have! Feel free to share/forward this email on and I am always happy to add additional recipients if requested.  The most effective way I have experienced to improve upon any areas of life in which we feel stuck is through 1:1 coaching.  Reach out if you or anyone you know has an area you want to move forward on, but would like some coaching support. Nicole Harr, Certfied Life & Career Coach - CCC, MBA

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