Career Fulfillment Coaching

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that my clients have the answers within. As a coach, I am here to create an environment where my clients feel heard and validated as they work through a process including powerful questions & tools to help facilitate a clarifying & impactful shift   Coaching is intended to shift mindsets, surface possibilities, increase alignment and obtain goals.  I will challenge you and hold you accountable while we also have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable time.  

Signature "Lighthouse System"

Using our signature "Lighthouse System", we will navigate though 4 key parts to allow you to get the motivation, fulfillment and clarity on passions that you seek, within 3 months.   Offer includes a money back guarantee. 

What to Expect

The first session will be focused on goal clarification and determining a baseline foundation in which to measure future progress.  Within each session, we will follow a consistent process intended to lay out each step for clients to see their progress and also visualize the next steps ahead. Six sessions is the program duration.  I can coach 1:1 or in a team/group environment. I also offer a workshop style which can be customized for a professional group or team. Coaching is offered in person or virtually over the phone or using Skype. I provide a casual, yet professional environment where we'll have fun while engaging in insightful and productive dialog. 

My Journey to Coaching

I first heard the term "life coach" in 2008 and was intrigued by the term and considered looking into it. I set it aside when my husband  (at the time) and I decided to focus on starting our family and we decided it best to continue on our current career paths. Fast forward to 2017, my passion for coaching resurfaced. I pursued my certification with Learning Journeys, an ICF accredited school. It was an insightful, exciting, and rewarding process. It not only amplified my desire to coach but also solidified my interest in helping others. One of the most impactful events in my life was my brother's death by suicide in 2009. To say it was the hardest thing my family and I have endured is an understatement. It continues to fuel my dedication to help others find their motivation, fulfillment, and passion.  Coaching has taught me what real listening is and I want to really listen and validate my clients experiences in honor of my brother.  I also know that life can be taken too seriously and I love to laugh and have a fun time in all things.